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Lawrie, S.R.

Paper Title Page
THO1B05 First LEBT Simulations for the Bilbao Accelerator Ion Source Test Stand 595
  • I. Bustinduy, D. de Cos
    ESS Bilbao, Bilbao
  • J.J. Back
    University of Warwick, Coventry
  • F.J. Bermejo
    Bilbao, Faculty of Science and Technology, Bilbao
  • J.-P. Carneiro
    Fermilab, Batavia
  • D.C. Faircloth, S.R. Lawrie, A.P. Letchford
    STFC/RAL/ISIS, Chilton, Didcot, Oxon
  • J. Feuchtwanger, J.L. Munoz
    ESS-Bilbao, Zamudio
  • S. Jolly, P. Savage
    Imperial College of Science and Technology, Department of Physics, London
  • J. Lucas
    Elytt Energy, Madrid
  • J.K. Pozimski
    STFC/RAL, Chilton, Didcot, Oxon

The Proposed Multi-specimen Low Energy Transport System (LEBT) consists of a series of solenoids with tunable magnetic fields, used to match the characteristics of the beam to those imposed by the RFQ input specification. The design of the LEBT involves selecting the number of solenoids to use and their fixed positions, so that the set of fields that provides the desired matching can be found for any given conditions (different currents, input emittances, etc). In this work we present the first simulations carried out to design the Bilbao Accelerator LEBT, which were peformed using several codes (Track, GPT, Trace2D). The best configuration is discussed and evaluated in terms of the degree of matching to the RFQ input requirements.


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