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Koseki, T.

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MOIB02 High Intensity Aspects of the J-PARC Facility 16
  • T. Koseki
    KEK, Ibaraki

The J-PARC facility consists of linac, 3 GeV RCS (Rapid Cycling Synchrotron), 50 GeV MR (Main Ring synchrotron, 30 GeV at the present) and three experimental facilities, the MLF (Material and Life science experimental Facility), the hadron experimental facility and the neutrino beam line. The RCS has started 120 kW beam delivery to the MLF (Material and Life science experimental Facility) since November 2009. The MR delivers 50 kW beam to the neutrino beam line by fast extraction and a few kW beam to the hadron facility by slow extraction. In this paper, status of the high intensity operation of the J-PARC accelerators is presented. Beam dynamics studies and our practical experience at the high power beam are discussed. In addition, future plans and strategies to increase the beam intensity are also presented briefly.


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