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Ineichen, Y.

Paper Title Page
MOPD55 A Field Emission and Secondary Emission Model in OPAL 207
  • C. Wang, A. Adelmann, Y. Ineichen
    PSI, Villigen

Dark current and multipacting phenomena, have been observed in accelerator structures, and are usually harmful to the equipment and the beam quality. These effects need to be suppressed to guarantee stable operation. Large scale simulations can be used to understand the origin and develop cures of these phenomena. We extend OPAL, a parallel framework for charged particle optics in accelerator structures and beam lines with the necessary physics to simulate multipacting phenomena. We add a Fowler-Nordheim field emission model and secondary emission model, as well as 3D boundary geometry handling capabilities to OPAL. These capabilities allows us to evaluate dark current and multipacting in high-gradient linac structures and in RF cavities of high intensity Cyclotrons. The electric field in present accelerator structures is high enough, such that space charge effects in the Fowler-Nordheim model can not be neglect. First a Child-Langmuir model is added to phenomenologically model space charge limited field emission. In a second step a space charge solver capable of handling complicated boundary geometries will be implemented to make our field emission model more self-consistent.