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Hülsmann, P.

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THO1D03 Fast Compression of Intense Heavy-Ion Bunches in SIS-18 686
  • O. Chorniy, O. Boine-Frankenheim, P. Hülsmann, P.J. Spiller
    GSI, Darmstadt

At GSI and for the FAIR project short heavy-ion bunches are required for the production and storage of exotic fragment beams as well as for plasma physics applications. In the SIS-18 and in the projected SIS-100 synchrotron longitudinal compression via fast bunch rotation is performed directly before extraction. In order to arrive at the required bunch length the rf cycle has to be optimized for high intensities to avoid the blowup of the occupied longitudinal phase space area. We will discuss experimental and simulation results of the rf capture at injection energy, the rebunching process at the final energy and the subsequent bunch rotation.


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