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Holmes, J.A.

Paper Title Page
MOPD41 Impact of Uncaught Foil-Stripped Electrons in the Spallation Neutron Source Ring 156
  • S.M. Cousineau, J.A. Holmes, M.A. Plum
    ORNL, Oak Ridge, Tennessee
  • W. Lu
    ORNL RAD, Oak Ridge, Tennessee

We use the ORBIT particle tracking code to simulate the propagation of 545 keV electrons stripped from 1 GeV H- ions during injection into the Spallation Neutron Source accumulator ring. The electrons propagate in the field of the injection magnet and are subject to scattering at the bottom surface when they are not caught by the electron catcher in the design fashion. The scattered electrons have the potential to intercept and damage local hardware. We model the non-caught electrons and compare our simulated results with experimental observations.