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Hofmann, I.

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MOPD31 Beam Dynamics Simulations for the Laser Proton Injector Transport Line 130
  • A. Orzhekhovskaya, W.A. Barth, I. Hofmann, S.G. Yaramyshev
    GSI, Darmstadt

The DYNAMION code was implemented to perform beam dynamics simulations for the different possible transport lines for a proton beam with an energy of 10 MeV, coming from a high intensity laser ion source. It was intended to check the chromaticity and space charge effects taking into account high order aberrations. The investigations were done for a solenoidal and alternatively for a quadrupole channel applying different beam parameters (as input energy spread, transverse divergency, current) as well as different layouts of the transport line. The beam evolution along the transport, the emittance growth and the beam transmission were analyzed and compared. Finally the influence of an RF buncher, required to match the proton beam to the following accelerating structure, was investigated.

THO2B04 Long Term Simulations of the Space Charge and Beam Loss in the SIS18 615
  • G. Franchetti, W.B. Bayer, F. Becker, O. Chorniy, P. Forck, T. Giacomini, I. Hofmann, M.M. Kirk, T.S. Mohite, C. Omet, A.S. Parfenova, P. Schütt
    GSI, Darmstadt

In this contribution we present the simulations of the experiment made in the SIS18 synchrotron on the effect of the space charge in a bunched beam stored for one second. To the simulations a discussion of the underlying dominant effect (trapping or scattering?) is included. A discussion on the consequences of this beam dynamic regime on the SIS100 is presented, open issues and future (experimental and numerical) studies are outlined.


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