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Heid, O.

Paper Title Page
MOPD42 Compact Solid State Direct Drive RF LINAC Experimental Program 159
  • O. Heid, T.J.S. Hughes
    Siemens AG, Healthcare Technology and Concepts, Erlangen

An RF accelerator driver concept is introduced, which integrates a distributed solid-state RF power source with the RF resonator. The resulting structure plays a double role as RF combiner and particle accelerating structure [1]. The key enabling technologies are Silicon Carbide RF transistors and a power combiner concept which includes insulating parallel cavities to ensure consistent RF current injection. An experimental direct drive λ/4 cavity with a power rating of 500kW at 150MHz has been constructed. The Direct Drive RF power source consists of 64 RF modules constructed from Silicon Carbide vJFETs, radial power combiner and isolation cavity. The initial results from the integration of the direct drive RF source are presented. These results demonstrate experimentally for the first time the validity of the direct drive concept and the key characteristics of such a drive.

[1] O. Heid, T Hughes. "Compact Solid State Direct Drive RF LINAC" presented at IPAC 2010, Kyoto, Japan.