Author: Bhaskar, S.B.B.
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MOC1 Challenges and Prospects of Electron Cyclotron Resonance Charge Breeding 14
  • T. Thuillier, J. Angot, M.A. Baylac, S.B.B. Bhaskar, J.B. Cully, J. Jacob, T. Lamy, A. Leduc, P. Sole
    LPSC, Grenoble Cedex, France
  Electron cyclotron resonance charge breeder (ECR CB) is one of the instruments used to boost the radioactive ion beam (RIB) charge state in isotope separator on-line (ISOL) facilities. While the ECR CB can manage intense 1+ RIB without difficulty, the present CB generation co extracts significant amounts of impurities which can be detrimental to the study of very low intensity N+ RIB in today facilities if no downstream high mass resolution separation is available. This work investigates the im-provements achievable with a new generation 18 GHz ECR CB applicable to future facility like EURISOL. The study shows that with a modified ion source geometry, an optimized magnetic confinement, a careful wall metal choice like beryllium, a UHV vacuum technology, the charge breeder performance will improve as follows: 20 % higher capture efficiency, -40% charge breeding time, charge state ion production with mass over charge of 3 up to xenon and over 6 up to uranium, co-extracted contam-inant density reduction by a factor 60 to 600. An 18 GHz ECR CB ion source layout is finally proposed for EURISOL.  
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