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Keyword: electron cooling

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High Phase Space Density Beams for Heavy Ion Fusion Research electron, equilibrium, ion, scattering 783
  • I. Hofmann, K. Beckert, H. Eickhoff, B. Franzke, G. Kalisch, U. Schaaf, M. Steck (GSI Darmstadt)
Commissioning of the ESR Electron Cooling Device electron, equilibrium, field, ion 827
  • M. Steck, N. Angert, K. Beckert, F. Bosch, H. Eickhoff, B. Franzke, M. Jung, O. Klepper, K. D. Leible, F. Nolden, U. Schaaf, H. Schulte, P. Spädtke, B. Wolf (GSI Darmstadt)
Heavy-Ion Cooling and Related Applications in the Cooler-Ring TARN II at INS electron, heavy-ion, ion, vacuum 830
  • T. Tanabe, Y. Arakaki, K. Chida, I. Katayama, T. Katayama, R. Nagai, M. Tomizawa, S. Watanabe, T. Watanabe, J. Yoshizawa, M. Yoshizawa (INS, Tokyo), T. Honma (Cyclotron and Radioisotope Centre, Sendai), K. Noda (National Institute of Radiological Sciences, Chiba-shi), H. J. Xu (Shanghai Institute of Nuclear Research, Academia Sinica, Shanghai), N. Inoue (Sophia University, Tokyo), S. Ohtani (Univ. of Electro-Communications, Tokyo)
Design of a 6 MeV Electron Cooling System for the SSC Medium Energy Booster booster, electron, emittance, recirculation 836
  • D. R. Anderson, M. S. Ball, D. Caussyn, M. J. Ellison, T. Ellison, W. Fox, D. Friesel, B. Hamilton, S. Y. Lee, S. Nagaitsev, P. Schwandt (IUCF), J. Adney, J. Ferry, M. Sundquist (National Electrostatics Corp.), M. Sedlacek (Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm), D. Reistad (The Svedberg Lab., Uppsala)
Variable Energy Electron Cooling at LEAR electron, gun, solenoid, timing 845
  • J. Bosser, M. Chanel, R. Ley, G. Tranquille (CERN)
Experiments with Synthetic Coloured Noise at the Heavy Ion Storage Ring ESR accelerator, electron, equilibrium, spectrum 1228
  • F. Nolden, J. Pinkow, U. Schaaf, M. Steck (GSI Darmstadt)