EPAC1992 Keywords
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Keyword: controls

Title Other Keywords Page
Review of Large-scale Cryogenic Systems for Accelerators acceleration, accelerator, booster, electron 297
  • G. Horlitz (DESY)
Trends in Accelerator Control Systems accelerator, proton, software, survey 315
  • R. P. Johnson (Maxwell Labs)
Controlling the ESRF Accelerators commissioning, linac, software, timing 321
  • W. D. Klotz (ESRF Grenoble)
Upgrading the Controls of the SPS Vacuum System accelerator, background, software, vacuum 1161
  • W. Koelmeijer, M. Nicoules, M. Steffensen, P. Strubin (CERN)
Manufacture at ANSALDO of 350 MHz Superconducting Cavities for LEP cathode, electron, field, vacuum 1280
  • A. Bixio, P. Gagliardi, A. Maragliano, M. Marin, S. Moz, F. Terzi, G. Zoni (Ansaldo, Genoa)
ESRF - The Storage Ring Magnets field, magnetic measurements, quadrupole, vacuum 1347
  • M. Lieuvin, L. Farvaque, A. Ropert (ESRF Grenoble)
State of the Construction of the Two INFN Full Length Superconducting Dipole Prototype Magnets for the Large hadron Collider (LHC) alignment, collider, field, hadron 1420
  • E. Acerbi, L. Rossi (INFN, L. A. S. A., Milano), M. Bona, D. Leroy, R. Perin (CERN)
Operational Experience with the LEP Low-Beta Superconducting Quadrupoles commissioning, monitoring, quench, vacuum 1641
  • Ph. Lebrun, O. Pagano, T. M. Taylor, L. Walckiers (CERN)