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Author: Nagaitsev, S.

Title Page
Nonlinear Beam Dynamics Experiments at the IUCF Cooler 705
  • S. Y. Lee, M. Ball, B. Brabson, D. Caussyn, J. Collins, S. Curtis, V. Derenchuck, D. DuPlantis, G. East, M. Ellison, T. Ellison, D. Friesel, B. Hamilton, H. Huang, W. P. Jones, W. Lamble, D. Li, M. G. Minty, S. Nagaitsev, T. Sloan (IUCF), S. Tepikian (BNL), W. Gabella, K. Y. Ng, S. Peggs (FNAL), A. W. Chao, S. Dutt, Y. Han, M. Syphers (SSCL)
Design of a 6 MeV Electron Cooling System for the SSC Medium Energy Booster 836
  • D. R. Anderson, M. S. Ball, D. Caussyn, M. J. Ellison, T. Ellison, W. Fox, D. Friesel, B. Hamilton, S. Y. Lee, S. Nagaitsev, P. Schwandt (IUCF), J. Adney, J. Ferry, M. Sundquist (National Electrostatics Corp.), M. Sedlacek (Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm), D. Reistad (The Svedberg Lab., Uppsala)