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Keyword: ferrite

Title Other Keywords Page
RF and Beam Control System for Celsius acceleration, controls, coupling, field 946
  • T. Lofnes (The Svedberg Lab., Uppsala)
A New Type of Acceleration Cavity for the Heidelberg Test Storage Ring TSR acceleration, deceleration, field, quadrupole 955
  • M. Blum, M. Grieser, E. Jaeschke, D. Krämer, S. Papureanu (Max-Planck-Institut für Kernphysik and Univ. Heidelberg)
Towards the Construction of an Ultra Short Cavity for Heavy Ions Synchrotron impedance, ion, resonance, synchrotron 961
  • C. Fougeron, P. Ausset, J. Peyromaure (LNS, Saclay, Gif-sur-Yvette)
A Stripline Design of a Fast Ferriete Tuner (FFT) accelerator, field, impedance, thermal 985
  • S. Martin, S. Lenz, E. Pivit (ANT Nachrichtentechnik GmbH, Backnang)
A Perpendicular AC Biased Ferrite Tuned Cavity for the TRIUMF Kaon Facotry Booster Synchrotron booster, field, ion, synchrotron 988
  • R. L. Poirier, I. Enchevich, T.A. Enegren, C. Haddock (TRIUMF, Vancouver, BC)
A Second Radio-Frequency Harmonic in the U-70 Booster acceleration, booster, feedback, injection 1020
  • V. K. Vorobjev, E. V. Klimenkov, V. M. Mokhov, E. S. Nelipovich (IHEP, Protvino)
Impedance Calculation of RF Cavities Filled with Gyrotropic Lossy Material field, impedance, rf cavities, spectrum 1023
  • I. Gonin, V. P. Gorbul, V.V. Paramonov (INR, Moscow)
Pilot-Bunch and Long-Pulse Ejection (t=7.6 s) with Stripe Kickers: Out of PETRA for the Path to HERA field, impedance, kicker, synchrotron 1272
  • J. Rümmler (DESY)