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Keyword: crystal

Title Other Keywords Page
Condensed Matter Research using Particle Beams neutron, radiation, scattering, synchrotron 203
  • J. L. Finney (Rutherford Appleton Laboratory)
Acceleration of Piosecond Electron Bunches in a Radial Transmission Line acceleration, accelerator, electron, laser 609
  • C. Bamber, W. Donaldson, L. Kingsley, E. Lincke, C. Melissinos (Dep. of Phys. and Astr. & Lab. for Laser Energ., Rochester)
Neutral Composite Particle Transport in Crystal X-Ray Accelerators acceleration, electron, field, neutron 637
  • T. Tajima, M. Cavenago, B. Newberger (University of Texas Austin)
High Power Travelling Wave Tube Amplifiers for RF Accelerators electron, field, plasma, radiation 994
  • J. A. Nation, T.J. Davis, J.D. Ivers, G.S. Kerslick, L. Schachter, D. Shiffler (Lab. of Plasma Stud. & School of Electr. Engin., Cornell)
RF Tests of a Fully Electroformed 500 MHz Four Cell Copper Cavity accelerator, dielectric, field, thermal 1091
  • D. Romanini, A. Cattoni, G. Dalmut, A. Laurenti, G. Maragliano, C. Pagani, R. Parodi, S. Tazzari, F. Terzi (Ansaldo-ABB Componenti, Genova; INFN-LNF, Frascati & INFN-Genova)
Performance Status of High-Tc Superconductors for Cavity Applications accelerator, electron, field, impedance 1112
  • G. Müller, A. Brust, M. Hein, N. Klein, S. Kraut, D. Opie, S. Orbach, H. Piel, L. Ponto, D. Reschke, D. Wehler (Fachbereich Physik, Bergische Universität Wuppertal)
Beam Transport in Bent Crystal Extractors algorithms, extraction, ion, x-ray 1286
  • B. S. Newberger, T. Tajima (IFS, Austin)