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Author: Herr, W.

Title Page
The BOSC Project 803
  • A. Burns, A. Chapman-Hatchett, D. Crosetto, W. Herr, S. Hunt, H. Jacob, Q. King, M. Lavender, N. Savill, F. Schmidt, R. Schmidt, A. Sweeney (CERN)
Influence of Power Supply Ripple on the Dynamic Aperture of the SPS in the Presence of Strong Nonlinear Fields 1438
  • D. Brandt, E. Brouzet, A. Faugier, F. Galluccio, J. Gareyte, W. Herr, A. Hilaire, W. Scandale, F. Schmidt, R. Schmidt, A. Verdier (CERN)
Orbit Processign for LEP 1444
  • D. Brandt, P. Defert, W. Herr, J.P. Koutchouk, J. Miles, T. Risselada, R. Schmidt (CERN)
Computer Simulation of Synchro-Betatron Resonances Induced by a Non-Zero Crossing Angle in the LHC 1624
  • W. Herr (CERN)
Tune Spreads and Shifts Due to the Long Range Beam-Beam Effect in the LHC 1630
  • W. Herr (CERN)