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Author: Gorbul, V. P.

Title Page
Impedance Calculation of RF Cavities Filled with Gyrotropic Lossy Material 1023
  • I. Gonin, V. P. Gorbul, V.V. Paramonov (INR, Moscow)
2D Codes Set for RF Cavities Design 1026
  • I. Gonin, A. I. Fedoseev, V. P. Gorbul, M. S. Kaschiev, V.V. Paramonov (INR, Moscow)
Code Development for 3D RF Cavities Calculations 1029
  • A. N. Bespalov, I.V. Gonin, V. P. Gorbul, Yu. A. Kuznetsov, V.V. Paramonov (INR, Moscow)