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Michel, M.

Paper Title Page
THP047 Design of the MEBT Rebunchers for the SPIRAL2 Driver 894
  • J.F. Leyge, M. Di Giacomo, M. Michel, P. Toussaint
    GANIL, Caen

The SPIRAL2 project uses a RFQ, normal conducting rebunchers and a superconducting linac to accelerate high intensity beams of protons, deuterons and heavier ions. All cavities work at 88 MHz, the beta after of the RFQ is 0.04 and 3 rebunchers are located in the MEBT line, which accepts ions with A/q up to 6. The paper describes the RF design and the technological solutions proposed for an original 3-gap cavity, characterised by very large beam holes (60 mm) and providing up to 120 kV of effective voltage.