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Hutter, G.

Paper Title Page
THP080 Elimination of Parasitic Oscillations in RF Tube Amplifier for High Power Application 981
  • E. Feldmeier
    HIT, Heidelberg
  • G. Hutter, B. Schlitt, W. Vinzenz
    GSI, Darmstadt

For the heavy ion therapy center HIT in Heidelberg a 1.6 MW power amplifier for 217 MHz was built to supply the 7 MeV/u IH cavity. The inherent parasitic oscillations of the RF tube increases rapidly the anode current until the system switches off. For the elimination of those parasitic oscillations ferrite material is used. The electro magnetic fields are simulated to find an optimal positioning of the ferrite material in the anode cavity such that only the parasitic oscillations are attenuated without affecting the fundamental mode.