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Ginsburg, C.M.

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TH101 Superconducting RF R&D Toward High Gradient 725
  • C.M. Ginsburg
    Fermilab, Batavia

High-beta superconducting rf elliptical cavities are being developed in large numbers for several accelerator projects including the International Linear Collider (ILC). In recent years, the understanding of cavity performance limitations has improved significantly, leading to better than 40 MV/m in some cavities. However, further improvement is needed to reach reliably the 31.5 MV/m operating gradient proposed for the ILC Main Linac cavities. World-wide R&D on the cavity gradient frontier includes improved surface cleaning and smoothing treatments, development of alternative cavity shapes and materials, and novel cavity manufacturing techniques. Substantial progress has been made with diagnostic instrumentation to understand cavity performance limitations. Some highlights of the efforts in superconducting rf R&D toward achieving higher gradients in high-beta elliptical cavities are reviewed.


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