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Biarrotte, J.-L.

Paper Title Page
MOP070 Beam Dynamics and Error Studies of the SPIRAL2 Driver Accelerator 239
  • P. Bertrand
    GANIL, Caen
  • J.-L. Biarrotte, L. Perrot
    IPN, Orsay
  • D. Uriot
    CEA, Gif-sur-Yvette

After a detailed design study phase (2003-2004), the SPIRAL2 project at GANIL (Caen, France) was officially approved in May 2005, and is now in its phase of construction, with a project group including the participation of many French laboratories (CEA, CNRS) and international partners. The SPIRAL2 facility is composed of a multi-beam driver accelerator (5 mA/40 Mev deuterons, 5 mA/33 Mev protons, 1 mA/14.5 M ev/u heavy ions), a dedicated building for the production of Radiactive Ion Beams, the existing cyclotron CIME for the post acceleration of the RIBs, and new experimental areas. In this presentation we focus on the beam dynamics studies dedicated to the SPIRAL2 accelerator part of the project, from the ECR sources to the High Energy Beam Lines which have been recently updated. Various tuning examples will be presented for a variety of ions at different final energies, including error studies and beam losses evaluation. Accent is also put on the way we tune the accelerator with the computing code TRACEWIN, by using 3D electromagnetic maps and diagnostics corresponding to the real machine.

MOP077 Beam Dynamics Studies on the EURISOL Driver Accelerator 257
  • A. Facco, A.I. Balabin, R. Paparella, D. Zenere
    INFN/LNL, Legnaro, Padova
  • D. Berkovits, J. Rodnizki
    Soreq NRC, Yavne
  • J.-L. Biarrotte, S. Bousson, A. Ponton
    IPN, Orsay
  • R.D. Duperrier, D. Uriot
    CEA, Gif-sur-Yvette
  • V. Zvyagintsev
    TRIUMF, Vancouver

Funding: We acknowledge the financial support of the European Community under the FP6 "Research Infrastructure Action-Structuring the European Research Area" EURISOL DS Project Contract No. 515768 RIDS.
A 1 GeV, 5 mA cw superconducting proton/H- linac, with the capability of supplying cw primary beam to up to four targets simultaneously by means of a new beam splitting scheme, is under study in the framework of the EURISOL DS project which aims to produce an engineering-oriented design of a next generation European Radioactive beam facility. The EURISOL driver accelerator would be able to accelerate also a 100 muA 3He beam up to 2 GeV, and a 5 mA deuteron beam up to 200 MeV. The linac characteristics and the status of the beam dynamics studies will be presented.