Author: Sabirov, B.M.
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TUPME027 Advanced Studies on New Generation of Electron-positron Accelerators and Colliders for Fundamental and Applied Researches 1631
  • A. Dudarev, N. Balalykin, U.A. Budagov, V. Kobets, M.V. Lyablin, B.M. Sabirov, G. Shirkov, E. Syresin, G.V. Trubnikov
    JINR, Dubna, Moscow Region, Russia
  JINR actively leads the R&D works in particle accelerator physics and engineering, construction of the free electron laser with the aim to prepare proposals for the project of JINR participation in international collaboration on construction of the future Linear Collider (CLIC/ILC). JINR scientists and engineers study in free electron laser physics, development and construction of systems applied for formation and diagnostics of ultra short dense bunches in the linear electron accelerators. JINR physicists also take part in several fields of activity in ILC: works on photo injector prototype, participation in design and construction of cryomodules, laser metrology, and possible ILC location near Dubna.