Author: Rahighi, J.
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MOPWA002 New Purposed High Precision Power Supply For Quadrupole Magnets Of ILSF using Low Resolution Digital PWM 664
  • M. Jafarzadeh, M. Akbari, J. Rahighi, D. Shirangi, E.H. Yousefi
    ILSF, Tehran, Iran
  A total number of 104 quadrupole magnets, split into 9 families, will be required for the ISLF storage ring lattice. Each quadrupole magnet is connected with its own independent power supply. In new design for quadrupole magnets, the outputs of two synchronized push-pull converters (one for coarse regulation and another for fine current regulation) will be added together before a synchronous rectification. In this manner, there will be no need for extra high-current electronic parts. Another advantage of this design is using a high-voltage inductor on the switching side rather than a high current inductor ion the high current side. The PWM signal to control of buck converter (at the input stage of each unit) will be generated inside a dsPIC .  
WEPFI012 Conceptual Design of ILSF RF System 2723
  • Kh.S. Sarhadi, H. Ajam, H. Azizi, M. Fereidani, M. Jafarzadeh, S. Pirani, J. Rahighi, R. Safian, A. Shahverdi
    ILSF, Tehran, Iran
  The Iranian Light Source Facility (ILSF) RF system, consisting of RF cavities, power sources and low-level RF systems, is conceptually designed in accordance with the requirements of ILSF 3GeV storage ring. To achieve the desired 400mA beam current, utilization of the existing HOM-damped cavities is explored and RF system parameters are compared based on the usage of each cavity. Moreover, the choice of solid state amplifier as the RF power source is presented with its available power and structure. This paper, furthermore, explains the conceptual design and functionality of the selected digital LLRF system.  
TUOAB202 ILSF, A Third Generation Light Source Laboratory in Iran 1137
  • J. Rahighi, M.R. Khabazi
    IPM, Tehran, Iran
  • E. Ahmadi, H. Ajam, M. Akbari, S. Amiri, A. Babaei, J. Dehghani, R. Eghbali, J. Etemad Moghadam, S. Fatehi, M. Fereidani, H. Ghasem, A. Gholampour, A. Iraji, M. Jafarzadeh, B. Kamkari, S. Kashani, P. Khodadoost, H. Khosroabadi, M. Moradi, H. Oveisi, S. Pirani, M. Rahimi, M. Razazian, A. Sadeghipanah, F. Saeidi, R. Safian, E. Salimi, Kh.S. Sarhadi, O. Seify, M.Sh. Shafiee, A. Shahveh, A. Shahverdi, D. Shirangi, E.H. Yousefi
    ILSF, Tehran, Iran
  • D. Einfeld
    CELLS-ALBA Synchrotron, Cerdanyola del Vallès, Spain
  The Iranian Light Source Facility (ILSF) project is a first large scale accelerator facility which is currently under planning in Iran. The circumference of the storage ring is 297.6 m with the energy of 3 GeV. The facility will be built on a land of 100 hectares area in the city of Qazvin, located 150 km West of Tehran. The city is surrounded by many universities, research centers and industrial companies. The design and construction of prototype items such as radio frequency solid state amplifier, dipole magnets, highly stable magnet power supplies and girders have already begun. A low field H-type dipole magnet with the central field of 0.5T at the gap of 34mm and length of 500mm was built and tested in site. Also a prototype storage ring quadrupole with a 18 T/m gradient and 233 iron length is in now in fabrication process. Site selection studies, including geotechnical and seismological measurements are being performed. Conceptual Design Report, CDR, as the first milestone of the project has been published on October 2012.  
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