Author: Pierini, P.
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WEPWO012 XFEL 3.9 GHz Prototype Cavities Tests 2337
  • P. Pierini, M. Bertucci, A. Bosotti, C. Maiano, P. Michelato, L. Monaco, R. Paparella, D. Sertore
    INFN/LASA, Segrate (MI), Italy
  • E.R. Harms
    Fermilab, Batavia, USA
  • C. Pagani
    Università degli Studi di Milano & INFN, Segrate, Italy
  • E. Vogel
    DESY, Hamburg, Germany
  In preparation for the XFEL components production, three prototype cavities have been manufactured and vertically tested at INFN-LASA. Several tests, with and without HOM antennas and in a double cavity test configuration, have been performed. Further tests of one of the prototypes took place at FNAL, to validate results between the two test facilities. Results were consistent with those obtained at INFN-LASA.