Author: Pedeau, D.     [Pédeau, D.]
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WEPME001 SOLEIL Beam Stability Status 2917
  • N. Hubert, L. Cassinari, J.-C. Denard, M. Labat, J.-F. Lamarre, A. Nadji, L.S. Nadolski, D. Pédeau, M.-A. Tordeux
    SOLEIL, Gif-sur-Yvette, France
  This paper reports recent work for improving SOLEIL electron beam stability. X-BPMs from four bending magnet beamline frontends have been inserted in the global orbit feedback loops during user operation. The corresponding source point stabilities have improved and results are reported. Some of the new beamlines request more stringent stability than the existing ones. Their requirements are not only tighter for beam orbit but also for beam size and divergence stability. For these reasons, SOLEIL has decided to define beam quality criteria for each sensitive beamline. Then it can predict ahead of commissioning how well the beamline will likely perform. A feedback on the vertical emittance, measured by a pinhole camera, has been introduced in order to reduce beam size and divergence variations due to magnetic configuration changes of a few insertion devices.