Author: Ostenfeld, C.W.O.
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MOODB102 Multiple Function Magnet Systems for MAX IV 34
  • F. Bødker, C.E. Hansen, N. Hauge, E.K. Krauthammer, D. Kristoffersen, G. Nielsen, C.W.O. Ostenfeld, C.G. Pedersen
    Danfysik A/S, Taastrup, Denmark
  Danfysik is currently producing 60 up to 3.3 m long magnet systems consisting of up to 12 multipole magnets integrated into each of the yokes for the bending achromats of the MAX IV 3 GeV storage ring and 12 similar systems for the MAX IV 1.5 GeV storage ring. Each magnet yoke contains combined function soft-end dipole and quadrupole elements which are machined out of one single iron block at tolerances of ± 0.02 mm. In addition, separate, higher order multipole magnets are kinematically mounted into the yokes. The integration of many magnetic elements into single yoke structures enables a compact, low emittance storage ring design. The dipole and quadrupole magnetic elements are magnetically field mapped with high precision on a 3D hall probe measuring bench. Higher order multipoles are measured on a slow rotating coil system developed for that purpose. Much effort has been put into automation in order to quickly perform the very comprehensive measurement program each girder will through.  
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WEPWA001 Wigglers at Danfysik 2123
  • C.W.O. Ostenfeld, M. Pedersen
    Danfysik A/S, Taastrup, Denmark
  In the past 2 years, a number of insertion devices have been designed, assembled and tested at Danfysik. They are used for a variety of applications at free electron lasers and synchrotron radiation facilities. In this paper, we highlight 3 different wiggler projects: A 2.0 T wiggler for Astrid-II in Århus, Denmark, a fixed-gap electromagnetic wiggler for Helmholtz Center Dresden-Rossendorf, and 6 identical damping wigglers for NSLS-2 at Brookhaven National Laboratory (BNL). For the Astrid-2 facility in Aarhus, Denmark, we have designed and built a 6 period wiggler, with a peak field of 2.0 T. The magnetic design and performance is presented and discussed. As part of the ELBE THz facility, at Helmholtz Center Dresden-Rossendorf, we have designed and built a fixed-gap electromagnetic wiggler, with 300 mm period length, and a peak field of 0.39 T. We present the design and magnetic results. For the NSLS-2 project at BNL, damping wigglers are an integral part of the design, both as a means of reducing the emittance, but also as a source of intense radiation sources for users. We present the mechanical and magnetic design, as well as magnetic results obtained for the wigglers.  
THPME003 Standard Sextupole Magnets for NSLS-II Synchrotron 3517
  • C.W.O. Ostenfeld, N. Hauge, P. Ladefoged
    Danfysik A/S, Taastrup, Denmark
  Danfysik received the order to design, manufacture and test 169 Standard Sextupole Magnets for the NSLS-2 synchrotron. Extraordinary tight tolerances were specified for the mechanical and magnetic properties. We present a re-optimized magnetic pole profile to make a more mechanically robust design, suitable for large-scale manufacture. Due to a well-controlled wire erosion process during the manufacturing stage, the mechanical tolerances were kept on the 10 micron level, even after assembly/disassembly cycles. A major challenge of the project was to verify the magnetic performance of the magnets. This was done using our in-house harmonic measurement bench. We present magnetic measurements of the magnet series, measured over more than 24 months, which show high stability, both in terms of magnetic roll angle, error field terms, and integrated strength.