Author: Nielsen, J.S.
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MOPEA003 Status and Very First Commissioning of the ASTRID2 Synchrotron Light Source 64
  • S.P. Møller, N. Hertel, J.S. Nielsen
    ISA, Aarhus, Denmark
  ASTRID2 is the new 10 nm UV and soft x-ray light source at Aarhus University. It will replace the ageing source ASTRID, which will be used as the full-energy (580 MeV) booster for ASTRID2. An upgrade of the beamlines at ASTRID are presentlytaking place before being transferred to ASTRID2 until the end of 2013. In addition new beamlines and insertion devices are being procured. Presently, ASTRID2 commissioning is alternating with ASTRID operation to continue during 2013. Status in spring 2013 includes operation of most sub-systems resulting in top-up mode operation to 150 mA. The lattice have been qualifies although a re-alignment is planned. The poster will present experiences from the first commissioning and give the status of the project.  
MOPEA004 Beam Lifetime in the ASTRID and ASTRID2 Synchrotron Light Sources: Excitations and Vacuum Dependences 67
  • J.S. Nielsen, N. Hertel, S.P. Møller
    ISA, Aarhus, Denmark
  The beam lifetime is a very important parameter for synchrotron light sources without top-up, and sometimes more important than the lowest possible vertical beam emittance. At the ASTRID synchrotron light source, we have for many years routinely applied a phase modulation of the accelerating RF field, together with a vertical excitation of the beam at the first vertical betatron frequency. These two effects increase the beam lifetime from about 3 hours to more than 100 hours at 150 mA. Lifetime measurements as function of modulation and excitation parameters will be presented. Additionally, measurements of the beam lifetime in ASTRID and ASTRID2 as function of vacuum pressure will be presented.