Author: Miura, A.
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THPFI013 Development of Cylindrical-type 1.2 MW High Power Water-load for Super KEKB 3318
  • K. Watanabe, K. Ebihara, A. Kabe, K. Marutsuka, M. Nishiwaki
    KEK, Ibaraki, Japan
  • Y. Kawane, A. Miura
    Nihon Koshuha Co. Ltd, Yokohama, Japan
  We have developed and manufactured CW 1.2 MW high power water-load for the use of the Super KEKB, an electron – positron double-ring collider at KEK. The tank and rf window of the water-load is the circular and cylindrical-type. The material to absorb the rf power is a tap water. This load is equipped on the 3rd port of the circulators to safe the 1.2 MW CW klystrons to drive the ARES cavities in main ring. The operational frequency is 508.9 MHz. A proto-type model of this water-load was fabricated at Sep 2012, and tested using by high power klystron (1 MW) at Oct 2012 at KEK D2-ET station. The result of high power test will be reported in this paper.