Author: Milton, S.V.
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TUPEA075 Passively Driving X-band Structures to Achieve Higher Beam Energies 1304
  • S. Biedron, S.V. Milton, N. Sipahi, T. Sipahi
    CSU, Fort Collins, Colorado, USA
  Particle accelerators at X-band frequencies have gradients of around 100 MV/m. This technology permits more compact accelerators. One of our aims at the Colorado State University Accelerator Laboratory is to adapt this technology to our L-band (1.3 GHz) accelerator system to increase our overall beam energy; however, we would like to do this in a passive manner, i.e. one that does not require investment in an expensive, custom, high-power klystron system. In this paper we explore using the beam from our L-band 6 MeV photoinjector to power an x-band structure tuned to the 9th harmonic of our L-band system, 11.7 GHz. Electron bunches will be generated at a repetition rate of 81.25 MHz and passed through a high shunt impedance x-band accelerating structure where they will resonantly excite the fundamental field. We will optimize the system to create the highest accelerating potential within this structure. Once the peak gradient is achieved we will send a single electron bunch through the system at a phase that places it on the crest of the X-band accelerating wave thereby increasing the electron bunch energy by some amount without need for additional external power sources.