Author: Meier, J.P.
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MOODB101 Manufacturing of the First of Series SIS100 Dipole Magnet 31
  • St. Sattler, W. Gärtner, Dr. Scheller, R. Schönbein, W. Walter
    BNG, Würzburg, Germany
  • E.S. Fischer, J.P. Meier, H. Müller, P. Schnizer
    GSI, Darmstadt, Germany
  Babcock Noell (Würzburg, Germany) manufactures the First of Series (FOS) SIS100 dipole magnet for the FAIR project. This contribution reports on the progress during the design-phase, performed together with GSI, and on the manufacturing- and assembly-processes. Special emphasis will be given on new or special techniques adopted to fulfill the stringent requirements demanded by such a magnet. The new tooling systems and machines which were developed and brought into operation for this FOS magnet will be discussed.  
THPWO011 Status of the SIS100 Heavy Ion Synchrotron Project at FAIR 3782
  • P.J. Spiller, U. Blell, O. Boine-Frankenheim, L.H.J. Bozyk, E.S. Fischer, E. Floch, F. Hagenbuck, F. Hehenberger, M. Kauschke, O.K. Kester, A. Klaus, H. Klingbeil, H.G. König, P. Kowina, J.P. Meier, P. Moritz, C. Mühle, C. Omet, D. Ondreka, N. Pyka, H. Ramakers, P. Schnizer, J. Stadlmann, K. Sugita, D. Theuerkauf, B. Walasek-Höhne, St. Wilfert
    GSI, Darmstadt, Germany
  SIS100 is a unique superconducting heavy ion synchrotron, optimized for the acceleration of intense beams of intermediate charge state heavy ions. The operation with such beams has required new synchrotron design features and new technical concepts aiming for minimized ionization beam loss and vacuum dynamics. SIS100 is a superconducting synchrotron because of the required vacuum conditions and pumping power to achieve stable XHV conditions at high intensity operation. The project and procurement status will be presented.