Author: Linnik, A.
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TUPEA056 Concept of Dielectric Wakefield Accelerator Driven by a Long Sequence of Electron Bunches 1259
  • I.N. Onishchenko, V. Kiselev, A. Linnik, G.V. Sotnikov
    NSC/KIPT, Kharkov, Ukraine
  Funding: This study is supported by Global Initiatives for Proliferation Prevention (GIPP) program, project ANL-T2-247-UA (STCU Agreement P522)
The scheme of a two-beam accelerator type is considered that is based on wakefield excitation in rectangular dielectric resonator by a sequence of electron bunches with the aim to enhance wakefield intensity due to multi-bunch coherent excitation, multi-mode summation, and wakefield accumulation in resonator. The sequence of bunches can be divided into exciting and accelerated parts in any proportion by means at the proper detuning of bunch repetition frequency relative to the frequency of principle eigen mode of the resonator. A train of 6000 electron bunches, each of energy 4.5МeV, charge 0.16nC, duration 60psec, diameter 1.0cm, and angular spread 0.05 mrad is produced with the linear resonant accelerator. Bunch repetition frequency is 2805 MHz and can be varied within 2MHz by changing master oscillator frequency. Bunches are injected into copper rectangular waveguide of cross-section 8.5x18.0cm2 and length 75cm along wide sides of which Teflon plates are placed. The plate thickness is chosen 1.67cm so that the frequency of excited eigen mode coincides with bunch repetition frequency.