Author: Li, M.
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WEPWA035 Design of a Superconducting Undulator Magnet Prototype for SSRF 2205
  • Z.C. Zhang, J. Cui, J.Y. Jiang, M. Li, W. Li, J.P. Xu, J.J. Xu, J.F. Yu
    SINAP, Shanghai, People's Republic of China
  Funding: Project 11275254 supported by National Natural Science Foundation of China.
A 0.65 T NbTi superconducting undulator magnet prototype with a period length of 16 mm and a period number of 5 for SSRF is designed. The magnetic field simulation shows that it is possible to obtain a peak field of 0.6 T on the beam axis at a magnetic gap of 9 mm, with a current density of 800A/mm2 in the superconducting coils. Two coil formers are machined from SAE1018 stainless steel and coated with TiO2 for insulation. The dimension of the grooves of the coil windings in the coil formers is 5 mm x 10 mm. Formvar insulated NbTi superconducting wires with a diameter of 0.6 mm are used for the 128 turn coils per core groove. A five periods core of NbTi superconducting magnet is machined from SAE1018 stainless steel and winded with copper wires.