Author: Le Bec, G.
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MOPEA008 A Low-Emittance Lattice for the ESRF 79
  • L. Farvacque, N. Carmignani, J. Chavanne, A. Franchi, G. Le Bec, S.M. Liuzzo, B. Nash, T.P. Perron, P. Raimondi
    ESRF, Grenoble, France
  In the framework of its upgrade, the ESRF is looking at a new lattice for replacing the present Double Bend Achromat structure. This new lattice must have the same length and periodicity as the present one and keep the beamline source points unchanged. We will describe our design of an 844 m long lattice based on a 7-bend achromat. It is optimized for minimising the operation costs, in particular the wall-plug power, provides a large dynamic aperture allowing off-axis injection with the present ESRF injector, and gives an horizontal emittance of less than 200 pm at 6 GeV, thus considerably improving the brilliance and transverse coherence of the ESRF.