Author: Kozyrev, A.B.
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WEPWO082 Ferroelectric Based High Power Tuner for L-band Accelerator Applications 2486
  • A. Kanareykin
    Euclid TechLabs, LLC, Solon, Ohio, USA
  • S. Kazakov, V.P. Yakovlev
    Fermilab, Batavia, USA
  • A.B. Kozyrev
    LETI, Saint-Petersburg, Russia
  • E. Nenasheva
    Ceramics Ltd., St. Petersburg, Russia
  Funding: US Department of Energy
With this paper, we present our recent breakthrough with a new fast ferroelectric tuner development. The tuner is based on BST(M) ferroelectric elements (ε~150), which are designed to be used as the basis for L-band accelerator components intended for ERL, ILC, Project X and other applications. These new ferroelectric elements are to be fabricated for the new fast active tuner for SC cavities that can operate in air at low biasing DC fields. Note there were no reliable results on the long-term piezo actuators operations in CW regime. Specific features of ERL, ILC and Project X accelerator technology and challenges of the designs are high magnitude and phase stability of its operations. Mechanical vibrations, or microphonics affect the SRF resonator, while the ferroelectric tuners have shown extremely high tuning speed. We have demonstrated successful mitigation of the residual effects on the ferroelectric-metal interface along with the acceptable level of the overall loss factor of the tuner element. A new concepts of a tuning element based on low dielectric constant ferroelectrics along with fabrication technology of these new BST(M) ferroelectric elements will be presented.