Author: Kim, J.Y.
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THPME024 Magnet Designs of the In-flight Fragment Separator for the RISP 3555
  • D.G. Kim, J.Y. Kim, J.-W. Kim, M. Kim, M. Kim, C.C. Yun, A. Zaghloul
    IBS, Daejeon, Republic of Korea
  Magnets to be used for the in-flight fragment separator of the rare isotope science project (RISP) have been designed. The dipole magnets have a gap width of 150 mm and a magnetic rigidity of 10 Tm. The superferric quadrupole magnets have a pole tip radius of 170 mm and a maximum field gradient of 14 T/m. In addition, superconducting multiple coils will be wound around the cold bore tube of the quadrupole magnet to make high-order magnetic field corrections. In the high radiation region near the production target, warm iron dipole and quadrupole magnets employing high temperature superconductor (HTS) coils will be used in order to reduce the cold mass and to remove large radiation heat loads effectively at the temperature of 30-50 K. The design of dipole and quadrupole magnets has been optimized considering technical constraints and the manufacturing of the prototype of superferric quadrupole magnets is in progress. Simulation results using OPERA-3D and some results of prototyping will be presented.