Author: Kim, H.-G.
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MOPEA048 Operation Status of RF System for the PLS-II Storage Ring 187
  • M.-H. Chun, J.Y. Huang, Y.D. Joo, H.-G. Kim, S.H. Nam, C.D. Park, H.J. Park, I.S. Park, Y.U. Sohn, I.H. Yu
    PAL, Pohang, Kyungbuk, Republic of Korea
  Funding: Supported by the Korea Ministry of Science and Technology
The RF system of the Pohang Light Source-II (PLS-II) storage ring is operating at the 3.0GeV/200mA with two superconducting RF (SRF) cavities. Each RF station is composed with a 300kW klystron with power supply unit, transmission components, a digital LLRF and a SRF cavity. And a cryogenic system of 700W capacities is supplied the LHe and LN2 to three cryomodules of SRF cavities. The second SRF cavity is installed during at the beginning in 2013 and the third one will be installed during summer shutdown in 2014 for stable 400mA operation with all 20 insertion devices. Also the third high power RF station with a 300kW klystron, power supply unit and WR1800 waveguide components will be prepared in 2013. The third LLRF system is already installed, but improved stabilities of amplitude, phase and tuner control. This paper describes the present operation status and improve plan of the RF system for the PLS-II storage ring.