Author: Jiang, G.Y.
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WEPWA032 The Feed-forward Control Design of Correction Coil Power Supply for SSRF EPU 2199
  • Q. Yuan, M. Gu, G.Y. Jiang, R. Wang
    SINAP, Shanghai, People's Republic of China
  The SSRF Elliptically Polarized Undulator (EPU) has been in operation for about three years. The feed-forward control algorithm of correction coil power supply (CCPS) is implemented in the Input and Output Controller (IOC) based on VME. The correction current responds not fast enough to gap movement, mainly because the communication between IOC and digital CCPS taking up much time. This paper introduces one new feed-forward design, that is ,on the one hand, the CCPS current responds to both gap movement and shift movement according to 2D Look-up Table(LUT) by linear interpolation method. On the other hand, feed-forward control algorithm is carried out in the EPU controller, and the CCPS with fast control response is directly controlled by PLC through analog interface. Thus, the correction current respond well to gap and shift movement owing to leaving out communication time.  
THPEA024 The Control System of the SDUV-FEL Test Facility 3195
  • J.G. Ding, S.M. Hu, G.Y. Jiang, H.F. Miao, H. Zhao, H.J. Zhu
    SINAP, Shanghai, People's Republic of China
  At SINAP, the Shanghai deep ultraviolet FEL test facility (SDUV FEL) was integrated to test the FEL key technologies and principles. The facility was constructed based on the existed SINAP 100MeV LINAC with modifications of cathode gun replacement and magnet compressor segment increment, extension of the undulator section, and the seeded laser system. The control system of the facility has been developed which upgraded and extended from the existed LINAC control system. The system was integrated based on the EPICS toolkit, consists of several subsystems of magnet power supply control, timing, vacuum monitor, RF control, undulator gap adjustment, and machine protection system. In this paper, the SDUV FEL control system is introduced. Solutions of equipment control, hardware and software implementations, and system integrations are described in details.  
THPEA028 Embedded EPICS Controller in Inserting Devices of SSRF 3204
  • G.Y. Jiang
    SSRF, Shanghai, People's Republic of China
  • G.H. Chen
    SINAP, Shanghai, People's Republic of China
  SSRF is the first homemade third-generation of synchrotron radiation light source in China. In the first stage of SSRF, 7 beamlines have been built. Among of them, 5 beamlines have used inserting devices (IDs) including both of wigglers and undulators. To support stable and long life beam, the control part of these IDs must focus on high stability and high precision. Thus, Simens PLC, which has been widely used in industrial control fields, was used as local device controllers to control the motors. About upper layer control, we adopted a kind of embedded EPICS controller to implement the control of correction coil power supplies and PLC. This embedded EPICS controller is based on a commercial Ethernet/Serial converter which running MontaVista linux as its operation system. Beyond this, EPICS IOC Core program and several kinds of device control drivers were integrated to it. After several months using, the whole system works stably. Details of the necessary integration work and operation performance will be discussed in this paper.