Author: Jia, X.Y.
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THPME012 Measuring the Direction of Permanent Magnet Easy Axis by Helmholtz Coil 3534
  • X.Y. Jia, S.X. Zheng
    TUB, Beijing, People's Republic of China
  Permanent magnets for quadrupole focusing was used in drift-tube linac of the Compact Pulsed Hadron Sources(CPHS) in Tsinghua university. In order to ensure the accuracy of the quadrupole field can meet the design requirement, we need measure the strength and direction of remanence and choose the suit magnet. This paper proposed an easy way to get the direction of permanent magnet easy axis by Helmholtz coil without knowing the angle between magnet and the axis of the coil: the magnet rotational angle data was measured by rotary encoder and encoder would send trigger signal every turn at the same direction. First we started to record data when trigger signal was appeared. Then measured the magnet in three perpendicular directions (x,y,z). Last, caculated the remanence in three directions. We had measured some magnet by the new method and obtained satisfactory results.  
THPWO051 Status of CPHS Project 3887
  • S.X. Zheng, H.B. Chen, C. Cheng, Q. Du, T. Du, X. Guan, X.Y. Jia, C. Jiang, H.T. Lu, C.-X. Tang, D. Wang, D. Wang, X.W. Wang, H.Y. Zhang, Z. Zhang
    TUB, Beijing, People's Republic of China
  • W.Q. Guan, Y. He, J. Li, D.-S. zhang
    NUCTECH, Beijing, People's Republic of China
  CPHS (Compact Pulsed Hadron Source) project was initiated in Tsinghua University at 2009. It consists of a 13 MeV proton Linac (RFQ+DTL), a neutron target station and some neutron stations. The construction of 3 MeV Linac (RFQ only) and target station will be finished at the end of 2012. And initial commissioning will be started at the early of year 2013. The progress and results of early commissioning will be presented at this paper. Then we will report the next plan also.