Author: Jannin, J.L.
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THPWO003 Final Design of the IFMIF Injector at CEA/Saclay 3758
  • R. Gobin, D. Bogard, N. Chauvin, O. Delferrière, P. Girardot, F. Harrault, J.L. Jannin, D. Loiseau, C. Marolles, P. Mattei, A. Roger, F. Senée, O. Tuske
    CEA/DSM/IRFU, France
  • H. Shidara
    IFMIF/EVEDA, Rokkasho, Japan
  The IFMIF accelerator dedicated to high neutron flux production for material studies is now entering in a new phase. For this irradiation tool, IRFU institute from CEA/Saclay is in charge of the design, construction and characterization of the Injector. The high intensity deuteron beam is produced by an ECR source located on a 100 kV platform. The 2 m long LEBT, based on 2 solenoids, is ended by a cone installed at the entrance of the RFQ. Specific diagnostics (cameras, Allison type emittance scanner, fiberscope) have been installed for the beam characterization. During the last weeks, after Injector conditioning, more than 100 mA of deuteron beams have been characterized after the RFQ entrance cone in pulsed and continuous mode*. The shipment of the Injector towards the Rokkasho site in Japan (where it will be reinstalled) is foreseen at the beginning of 2013. This paper will focus on the final design used during the beam characterization experiments at Saclay.
* N. Chauvin et al. this conference