Author: Hong, B.
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THPEA060 LLRF System for LCLS-II at SLAC 3276
  • Z. Geng, B. Hong, K.H. Kim, R.S. Larsen, D. Van Winkle, C. Xu
    SLAC, Menlo Park, California, USA
  Funding: Work supported by US Department of Energy Contract DE AC03 76SF00515
After LCLS-I successfully delivering the full operation for users, SLAC has been approved to build the second Linac Coherent Light Source, LCLS-II, which makes use of another third of the 2-mile long Linac from Sector 10 to Sector20. The LLRF System will use mTCA (Micro Telecommunication Computing Architecture) to replace the VME system for LCLS-II injector and some key stations along the LINAC. The faster data acquisition and more powerful FPGA and CPU in the mTCA system enable the LLRF system to extend its control ability to a 2.5 μsec beam pulse rate of 360Hz. The new LLRF system is more compact and has the capability of low latency intra-pulse feedback to reduce fast phase and amplitude jitter during a single pulse. The prototype of the mTCA based LLRF control system has been operating at RF station 28-2 in LCLS-I. Detailed design structure and the prototype experimental results will be presented that demonstrate the system meets the exacting phase and amplitude stability requirements for LCLS-II.