Author: Han, J.
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WEPFI041 Design of the RF System for the Accelerator Complex of Rare Isotope Science Project 2794
  • J. Han, O.R. Choi, J.-W. Kim
    IBS, Daejeon, Republic of Korea
  • C.K. Hwang
    KAERI, Daejon, Republic of Korea
  The rare isotope beam facility planned in Korea utilizes superconducting linear accelerators and a cyclotron to accelerate heavy-ion and proton beams, in which an RFQ in the injection line and superconducting cavities are the main rf components. The RF systems to power the cavities and to control the system at the low level have been designed so as to acquire high-quality beam with precise controls of rf amplitude and phase. The superconducting cavity is sensitive to various perturbations like mechanical vibration and Lorentz force detuning due to narrow bandwidth. We plan to use the rf amplifier system based on solid state device for superconducting cavities, and a tetrode tube for the final stage of RF amplifier of the RFQ accelerator. An LLRF system to control the amplitude and phase, which was built and tested on a quarter-wave resonator, will be modified to control a superconducting cavity. We plan to test the LLRF system in the superconducting rf facility abroad.