Author: Folkman, K.
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THPEA061 EPICS Accelerator Control System for the IAC-RadiaBeam THz Project 3279
  • A. Andrews, B.L. Berls, T. Downer, C.F. Eckman, K. Folkman, Y. Kim, C. O'Neill, J. Ralph
    IAC, Pocatello, IDAHO, USA
  • P. Buaphad, Y. Kim
    ISU, Pocatello, Idaho, USA
  The Idaho Accelerator Center (IAC) of Idaho State University has been operating a 44 MeV L-band linac for various nuclear physics related applications. However, for the past several years, this research has been done without the aid of a modern computer based control system. To obtain a better reproducibility and stability in operation, the EPICS accelerator control system has been applied to control various components of this linac. This has been done for the purpose of a joint THz research project between IAC and RadiaBeam that was performed in November 2012. This paper describes the development of the EPICS accelerator control system used during this joint THz research experiment.