Author: Deng, D.R.
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THPME018 Design of Dipole and Quadrupole for THz-FEL at CAEP 3540
  • L.G. Yan, W. Bai, D.R. Deng
    CAEP/IAE, Mianyang, Sichuan, People's Republic of China
  The high average power terahertz free electronic laser (THz-FEL) is being constructed at CAEP (China Academy of Engineering Physics), which is designed for lasing between 100-300 μm. The magnets of THz-FEL include 3 dipoles and 6 quadrupoles, and their fields and field quality were required by 6-9 MeV operation. This proceeding introduced the design and the main parameters of these magnets. The higher harmonic content of the magnetic field was also analyzed. All the design of magnets achieved the goal.