Author: Chiu, M.-S.
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MOPWO059 Development of MATLAB-based Application Programs for the Optics Matching, Beam Steering, and Injection Conditioning in TPS Commissioning 1025
  • M.-S. Chiu, H.-P. Chang, P.J. Chou, F.H. Tseng
    NSRRC, Hsinchu, Taiwan
  Taiwan Photon Source (TPS) is a third generation 3GeV synchrotron light source. Its first beam commissioning is scheduled in 2014. Intensive efforts are devoted to achieve efficient transportation of the first beam from the LINAC, passing through the LTB transfer line, and its injection into the booster ring. After the beam energy has been ramped up to 3GeV in booster, the beam is extracted to the BTS transfer line. At the end of BTS, the beam is injected into the storage ring and circulates around the storage ring. In order to achieve efficient beam transportation, we have developed various MATLAB-based commissioning tools for the optics matching of transfer lines, beam steering and injection conditioning of booster and storage ring.