Author: Chetvertkova, V.
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WEPME044 Generation of Controlled Losses in Milisecond Timescale with Transverse Damper in LHC 3025
  • M. Sapinski, T. Baer, V. Chetvertkova, B. Dehning, W. Höfle, A. Priebe, R. Schmidt, D. Valuch
    CERN, Geneva, Switzerland
  A controlled way of generating of beam losses is required in order to investigate the quench limits of the superconducting magnets in the LHC. This is especially difficult to achieve for losses with millisecond duration. A series of experiments using the transverse damper system has proven that such a fast loss can be obtained even in the case of rigid 4 TeV beams. This paper describes the optimisation of beam parameters and transverse damper waveform required to mimic fast loss scenarios and reports on extensive tracking simulations undertaken to fully understand the time and spatial structure of these losses. The application of this method to the final quench tests is also presented.