Author: Borowiec, P.B.
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MOPEA046 Solaris Project Progress 181
  • A.I. Wawrzyniak, C.J. Bocchetta, P.B. Borowiec, D. Einfeld, P.P. Goryl, M. Młynarczyk, R. Nietubyć, M.P. Nowak, W. Soroka, M.J. Stankiewicz, P. Szostak, P.S. Tracz, Ł. Walczak, K. Wawrzyniak, J.J. Wiechecki, M. Zając, Ł. Żytniak
    Solaris, Kraków, Poland
  • D. Einfeld
    MAX-lab, Lund, Sweden
  • R. Nietubyć
    NCBJ, Świerk/Otwock, Poland
  Funding: Work supported by the European Regional Development Fund within the frame of the Innovative Economy Operational Program:POIG.02.01.00-12-213/09
Solaris is a 3rd generation light source facility being built in Kraków, Poland at the Jagiellonian University Campus. The project is being accomplished in a tight collaboration with the MAX IV Laboratory in Lund, Sweden. The Solaris 1.5 GeV storage ring is a replica of the MAX IV 1.5 GeV machine, whereas the injector and the transfer line although based on the same components, are unique for Solaris. One of the main differences is the 600 MeV injection energy requiring an energy ramp in the storage ring to the final operating energy of 1.5 GeV. The construction of the facility started in early 2010 and is planned to be finished in the autumn 2014. Up to now, 70% of the components have been procured and construction of the buildings in progress with expected handover in autumn 2013. This paper will give an update on infrastructure progress and design choices for shielding, service area placement of racks and routing of piping and cables. An update is also presented of machine layout that includes the injector, transfer line and storage ring.