Author: Belonogaya, E.S.
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MOPME065 Approximate Method of Calculation of a Bunch Radiation in Presence of Complex Dielectric Object 625
  • A.V. Tyukhtin, E.S. Belonogaya, S.N. Galyamin
    Saint-Petersburg State University, Russia
  Funding: Work supported by the Grant of President of Russian Federation, Russian Foundation for Basic Research, and the Dmitry Zimin "Dynasty" Foundation.
Cherenkov radiation is widely used for detection of charged particles and can be also applied for particle bunch diagnostics*. As a rule, dielectric objects applied for these goals have complex forms. Therefore development of methods of calculation of bunch radiation in presence of complex dielectric objects is now of a great interest. The approximate method developed by us allows to take into account influence of the object boundaries closed to the charge trajectory as well as "external" boundaries of the object. The case of the charge crossing a dielectric plate was considered as a test problem. The exact solution of this problem is in a good agreement with our approximate solution. Next, the cases of more complex objects were analyzed. One of them is a dielectric cone with a vacuum channel. Particularly, it was shown that radiation can be convergent under certain conditions, that is the field outside the cone can be more intensive than on the cone boundary. Radiation of the bunch in the case of dielectric prism was considered as well.
* A.P. Potylitsyn, Yu.A. Popov, L.G. Sukhikh, G.A. Naumenko, M.V. Shevelev, Journal of Physics: Conference Series 236 (2010) 012025.