Author: Zoubir, A.M.
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WEPPP060 A Robust Transverse Feedback System 2843
  • M. Alhumaidi, A.M. Zoubir
    TU Darmstadt, Darmstadt, Germany
  Transverse feedback systems use pickups signals to measure the beam instabilities and kickers to correct the beam. The correction signal is calculated according to the transfer matrices between the pickups and the kickers. However, errors due to magnetic field imperfections and magnets misalignments lead to deviations in the transfer matrices from their nominal values, which affects the feedback quality in a negative manner. In this work we address a new concept for robust feedback system against optics errors or uncertainties. A kicker and multiple pickups are used for each transversal direction. We introduce perturbation terms to the transfer matrices between the kicker and the pickups. Consequently, the Extended Kalman Filter is used to estimate the feedback signal and the perturbation terms by means of the measurements from the pickups. Finally results for the heavy ions synchrotron SIS 18 at the GSI are shown.