Author: Zou, J.Y.
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MOPPR031 BPM Data Processing Based on EPICS Soft IOC at HLS 846
  • T.J. Ma, P. Lu, B.G. Sun, Y.L. Yang, Z.R. Zhou, J.Y. Zou
    USTC/NSRL, Hefei, Anhui, People's Republic of China
  A data analysis program has been developed and verified successfully for the new beam position monitor (BPM) system of the storage ring at Hefei Light Source (HLS). The new BPM system will be equipped with Libera Brilliance BPM processors in the upgrade project of HLS. The embedded system on Libera has completed some basic work, including data acquisition, position calculation, and EPICS IOC data output. A new record type was developed to accomplish the beam position recalculation by log-ratio method. The new position signal’s character was studied in the time and frequency domain, including distribution, RMS noise, spectrum, tune, digital filter, signal correlation, etc. Recalculation beam position showed higher sensitivity and greater linear range.