Author: Zha, H.
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MOPPP009 X-Ray Spectra Reconstruction of Thomson Scattering Source From Analysis of Attenuation Data 586
  • Y.-C. Du, Hua, J.F. Hua, W.-H. Huang, C.-X. Tang, H.S. Xu, L.X. Yan, H. Zha, Z. Zhang
    TUB, Beijing, People's Republic of China
  Thomson scattering X-ray source, in which the TW laser pulse is scattered by the relativistic electron beam, can provide ultra short, monochromatic, high flux, tunable polarized hard X-ray pulse which is can widely used in physical, chemical and biological process research, ultra-fast phase contrast imaging, and so on. Since the pulse duration of X-ray is as short as picosecond and the flux in one pulse is high, it is difficult to measure the x-ray spectrum. In this paper, we present the X-ray spectrum measurement experiment on Tsinghua Thomson scattering. The preliminary experimental results shows the maximum X-ray energy is about 47 keV, which is agree well with the simulations.  
TUPPR015 Choke-Mode Damped Structure Design for the CLIC Main Linac 1840
  • H. Zha, H. Chen, W.-H. Huang, C.-X. Tang
    TUB, Beijing, People's Republic of China
  • A. Grudiev, J. Shi, W. Wuensch
    CERN, Geneva, Switzerland
  Choke-mode damped accelerating structures are being studied as an alternative to the CLIC waveguide damped baseline structure. Choke-mode structures hold the potential for much lower pulsed surface heating and reduced cost since no milling is required. We propose a new choke geometry which has significant suppression of higher order dipoles. By impedance matching and detuning of the first dipole pass-band, the wakefield suppression is comparable to the baseline design with waveguide damping. A fully featured choke mode structure with the same accelerating gradient profile and filling time as the nominal CLIC design has been designed. It has the potential to replace the waveguide damped design without changing any of the machine layout or the beam parameters.  
THPPR050 Fabrication and High Power RF Test of A C-band 6MeV Standing-wave Linear Accelerating Structure 4089
  • J.H. Shao, H. Chen, H. Zha
    TUB, Beijing, People's Republic of China
  We have designed a C-band standing-wave bi-periodic on-axis coupled linear accelerating structure for industrial and medical applications [1]. The output electron energy is 6MeV and the pulse current intensity is 100mA. The structure has been fabricated and measured in cold test. The cold test results show a good agreement between the simulation and actual measurement. At present, it’s under high power RF test. In this paper, we illustrate the fabrication, the results of cold test and newly high power RF test.