Author: Sitisart, K.
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MOPPR054 Beam Size Measurement at Siam Photon Source Storage Ring 906
  • P. Sudmuang, N. Deethae, P. Klysubun, S. Krainara, T. Poolampong, K. Sitisart, N. Suradet
    SLRI, Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand
  Synchrotron radiation interferometer and direct imaging setups have been installed and subsequently utilized to investigate transverse beam profile at the Siam Photon Source (SPS). Details of the optical setup as well as the beam sizes determined from the measurement will be presented. Comparison between the measured and theoretical values as established by linear optics calibration will be made and discussed. In order to demonstrate the beam profiling capability of the interferometer and direct imaging systems, measurements with different operating parameters have been carried out and the results will be presented as well.