Author: Shipman, N.C.
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THPPC027 Measurement of the Dynamic Response of the CERN DC Spark System and Preliminary Estimates of the Breakdown Turn-on Time 3338
  • N.C. Shipman, R.M. Jones
    UMAN, Manchester, United Kingdom
  • S. Calatroni, W. Wuensch
    CERN, Geneva, Switzerland
  The new High Rep Rate (HRR) CERN DC Spark System has been used to investigate the current and voltage time structure of a breakdown. Simulations indicate that vacuum breakdowns develop on ns timescales or even less. An experimental benchmark for this timescale is critical for comparison to simulations. The fast rise time of breakdown may provide some explanation of the particularly high gradients achieved by low group velocity, and narrow bandwidth, accelerating structures such as the T18 and T24. Voltage and current measurements made with the previous system indicated that the transient responses measured were dominated by the inherent capacitances and inductances of the DC spark system itself. The bandwidth limitations of the HRR system are far less severe allowing rise times of around 12ns to be measured.